Services of the partners’ products promotion in all chain stores

Storage and handling of goods in our own logistics centers of A + class

Projection, approval and construction of new office and logistics, warehouse and industrial complexes.

With many years of experience in the distribution of the various products, the company can carry out a range of research and negotiations with the leading networks and other significant operators of the sales points in Russia and, as a result, to evaluate, justify and inform the partner about the recommended tactics and expenses for the promotion of the product or service.

It is not a secret that in order for the product to appear on the shelf of the network sales operators of Russian Federation, you must have experience, knowledge and relations that can significantly reduce the costs and time up to the moment of appearance of the goods on the trading platforms.

 «TIS» LLC possesses the different facilities and land plots (see the list at www.shakhovo.ru), where provides the storage services for a wide range of the consumer goods and non-standard types of cargos.

The warehouse complex of A + class is divided into the blocks of 10 000 sq. m., 5 000 sq. m., 2 500 sq. m., fitted with the modern equipment and racks which allow to realize the simultaneous handling of the large volumes of the different-type cargos.

The flexible optimization approach to every type of product, depending on its specifics, gives to the clients an opportunity to save on the cost for the handling and storage.

The availability of the roofed railway track (700 m.) with a ramp for loading/unloading, which is directly adjoint to the territory of the warehouse, allows to increase the cargos’ turnover and enables the sending and receiving of the cargos by rail, that can reduce the shipping and loading/unloading operations’ costs in many cases.

With many years of experience in the projection, approval and construction of our own facilities, our organization can offer these types of the services along with the other abovementioned.

As the customer wishes we can select any land plot corresponding to the customer's requirements, conduct a professional assessment, receive all the approvals (buffer zone, water, gas, canalization, electricity, etc.), create a project and construct a facility in the shortest possible time.

The company has an engineering department and possesses its own building machinery and also cooperates with the leading suppliers of the construction machines.


Our partners as to the selection of areas and the rental business are such leading real estate companies as CBRE and Knight Frank.

Organizer / Representative / Distributor of your buisiness in Russian Federation

At the moment, there is an opportunity to start business development for the implementation of competitive goods and services on the territory of the Russian Federation.


If your company is considering the Russian market as a potential sales market or has plans to expand its business in Russian Federation, we can provide you a full range of services for their successful implementation. Our professional team and partners, our own logistics centers and branch network, many years of experience in the market of the Russian Federation, the Southeast Asia and Europe, allows us to provide everything you need to achieve the target goals.


Depending on the wishes of our partners, we are ready to consider any proposals and in case of our interest to invest in these projects. We propose to use our structure and resources to promote your products and services.

We are ready to give more detailed explanations to all questions arose.

We hope that our many years of experience and practice will attract your interest and help your business to develop.


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